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    We bring the technical

    knowledge & experience

    Electro-Tech Marketing has been operating since 1994.

    Initially, we were a major supplier of electromechanical components to the Appliance Industry in the Southern African region representing numerous overseas manufacturers of components suitable for this industry.

    We are still active in this market offering products such as solid stove plates, indicator lights, various switches, and a range of thermostats to the “After’s” (Spares) appliance market.

    With the recent influx of small and large appliances being imported from China in particular, resulting in the decline of locally manufactured appliances, we decided to diversify into other markets – these being the introduction of Energy Saving Lights, numerous Solar products – for both Commercial and Domestic ( Rural ) use, Instant Water Heaters (low-cost housing ) where we have enjoyed much support……

    LED Floodlights

    LED Flood lights can save you more than 50% in your security lighting costs.


    LED strip lights are becoming a popular part of modern residential and commercial lighting design


    We carry an extensive range of PURE SINEWAVE Invertors all imported from a reputable company